American Audiences Can Now See ‘Have A Nice Day,’ An Absurd Chinese Crime Fantasy

Liu Jian’s second feature film Have a Nice Day hones in on the fringes of a city in southern China and a cast of characters caught in between urban modernity and rural tradition.

Liu finds this particular socio-geographical intersection fascinating. “I love to observe and reflect on how people there are living, thinking, and acting,” he says in the press notes about his latest film. “The cultural landscapes of the city’s edges and the people who live there are one of the main sources and inspirations for my work.”

Have a Nice Day is a pop ensemble gangster film that follows the journey of 1 million yuan (roughly $150,000) stolen from a southern Chinese crime boss and pursued by those who yearn for a freedom that they believe only money can bring. Above all, the film centers on the reality for many in China who live outside major metropoles and are affected by unchecked urbanization and industrialization.

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