An Ode to Dreams: Glen Keane’s ‘Dear Basketball’

Glen Keane and Kobe Bryant formed an unlikely team in order to produce Dear Basketball, one of the films in a list of 10 that may be nominated for the Academy Award for best animated short.

Veritable animation legend Glen Keane is not a big basketball fan — but he is a fan of veritable basketball legend Kobe Bryant. “There was something in the energy and the passion, there was electricity on the court when Kobe was playing,” says Keane with a great deal of admiration in his voice.

Lucky, then, that Bryant chose to approach Keane to develop an animated short based on his love letter “Dear Basketball,” first published in 2015, when Bryant announced his retirement from the game. The two greats clicked straightaway, and worked closely together throughout the process. “[Kobe] is such an easygoing person, that you immediately feel at home and comfortable with him, and we started to connect on creative ideas. It was a conversation that just ran on constantly,” Keane says of their first meeting.

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